For families

Our work is made possible by the children and families who participate in our research studies. You and your child can participate in brief, online studies that help us understand how children learn languages, all from the comfort of home. See below for more information about our current studies and how to participate.

Helping Zooma learn an alien language

Helping Zooma learn an alien language

Your child will play a space game. In the game, our alien friend Zooma is goi...

Learning new words from sentences!

Learning new words from sentences!

Your baby will listen to several short sentences containing new or familiar w...

Parent FAQs

Why should we participate in a study?

Adults are better than children at most things, but children are better at learning languages! Your child’s participation can help us understand why language learning comes so naturally to children, which can help us understand what goes wrong when language is impaired and how to help people more easily acquire additional languages as adults.

How do we participate?

Our online studies are conducted through a secure platform called Lookit. You’ll sign up for an account with Lookit, enter your child’s information, and then choose a study to participate in. See the Lookit FAQs and the video below for even more information:

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Do we need to make an appointment?

No! For most of our studies, you won’t need to make an appointment. You and your child can choose to participate whenever is convenient for you. Simply open your computer and click the study link whenever you are ready to get started. The instructions will walk you through what to do, almost like a computer game!

What will my child do during a study?

Each study is a little bit different! You can click on a study (above) to learn more about what you and your child will be asked to do, how long it will take, and how you’ll be compensated.

What if my child doesn’t want to do the study?

No problem! We want our studies to be a positive experience for you and your child. If your child doesn’t want to do the study, or starts the study but changes their mind, you can stop participating at any time. Simply close your browser window to end the study. You are always welcome to try again another day if you like!


Still have questions? Send us a message and we will be happy to help.